10,000’s favorite short fictions & verse: a would-be/should-be anthology

Works I wish I’d written – I carry them close … always – from writers I’m connected to – via face to face or the virtual world.

… six degrees of separation …

[Links to works included.]
 10,000’s favorite short fictions & verse: a would-be/should-be anthology


short fictions…

13 Ways of Looking at a Roadtrip” by Barry Graham

10,000 Dollar Pyramid” by Robert Vaughan

And She Flew” by Michelle Reale

Arrows” by Lydia Copeland

Backstory” by Katrina Gray

The Big Dipper” by Meg Pokrass

Complicit” by Gay Dagani

Dear England, Please Send Me a Redheaded Boy” by Kate Hill Cantrill

Descanso” by Jane Hammons

Destination” by Carol Novack

Ghosts of Breath” by Howie Good

Gymnopédie Set” by Scott Garson

How to Rescue a Drowning Man” Heather Fowler

I Had Time to Kill” by Kim Chinquee

The Indefinite State of Imaginary Morals, Relatives and Gin” by Rae Bryant

Love, Story” by Michelle Elvy

Marionettes” by David Erlewine

Mockingbird” by Len Kuntz

Most of Them Would Follow Wandering Fires” by Amber Sparks

My Crush on Daniel Ortega” by Ann Bogle

My First Serial Killer” by Julie Innis

Of All 2,000 Years” by Joseph Young

Organic BJ’s” by Susan Tepper

Pulitzer grade” by James Lloyd Davis

Radio Talkers” by James Robison

The Rhythm of the Cows” by Catherine Davis

Rites of Spring” by Marcus Speh

Shatter” by Ethel Rohan

Sinister Age of the Draft” by Meg Tuite

Soft Like Snow” by Jen Knox

Sovetskoye Shampanskoye” by Berit Ellingsen

Space Man” by Kathy Fish

A Swallow of Cola” by Michelle McEwen

Sweet Sour” by Sheldon Lee Compton

Wanderer” by Susan Gibb

We All Fall Down” by Lauren Becker

The Weight of Water” by Roxane Gay

Where She Was” by Kelly Cherry

Wild Wolves” by Mel Bosworth

Wolf Cry” by Sara Lippmann

Xarles, Xavier, and Xenos” by Matt Bell

You Enjoy Myself” by Frank Hinton


9 Dreams” by Cami Park

Against Ted Hughes” by Don Wentworth

Ants” by Vicki Hudspith

atlantis made easy” by Evie Shockley

At the Un-National Monument along the Canadian Border” by William Stafford

Basho Solo” by Steve Lautermilch

Blackbirds” by Greg Rappleye

The Chinese Poet Visits the Hermit’s Cave with the Hope of Finding His Old Friend” by Jeff Daniel Marion

Colors passing through us” by Marge Piercy

A un Desconocido” by Lorna Dee Cervantes

Dust” by Dorianne Laux

The Ear is an Organ Made for Love” by E. Ethelbert Miller

Feeding the Fire” by Edison Jennings

Gacela of Animal Wisdom” by J.P. Dancing Bear

Getting Godless” by Bill Yarrow

Goldfish: A Diptych” by Susan Terris

The Gospel of Barbecue” by Honorée Fanonne Jeffers

Greek” by T. R. Hummer

How to Cook a Wolf” by Adrian Blevins

The Identity in My Crisis” by Amy King

In the Woods – A Shot – Fraught with Barking Dogs” by Arlene Ang

The Kingfisher” by Amy Clampitt

The Language of Rain” by Bill Brown

The Last Cricket in Ohio Sings a Song of Wilderness” by David Citino

Let the Words Fall Where They May” by Rita Sims Quillen

My Turn Out of the Box” by Felicia Mitchell

Playing for Keeps” by Ann Richman

The Psalmist, After Johnny Cash’s ‘Oh Bury Me Not’” by Virgil Suárez

Red Dirt Blues” by doris davenport

Salamander” by James Owens

Science” by James Valvis

She Had Some Horses” by Joy Harjo

Sick Well” by Paul Hostovsky

Something to Believe In” by Nell Maiden

speak truth?” by Daphne Gottlieb

[state of emergency]” by Barbara Jane Reyes

The Tulip Thief, Mi Amor” by Suzanne Frischkorn

What the Water Knows” by Sam Hamill

Why I Wear My Hair Long” by Marilyn Kallet

Wild Strawberries” by Ralph Coleman

Wildwood Flower” by Kathryn Stripling Byer

World is Weird” by Eleni Sikélianòs

You” by Sandra Beasley

You As Wreath” by Rose Hunter

27 Responses to “10,000’s favorite short fictions & verse: a would-be/should-be anthology”

  1. Stunned and flattered. Wow.

  2. humbled, honored, and so happy to be included here with writers I greatly admire. Thank you, Sam.

  3. thank you, sam, as always. it is wonderful and flattering to have you as a reader, editor and supporter and, as noted, the company of women and men there is outstanding, all of them favorites of mine as well. inspired cheers from berlin.

  4. Thank you, Sam, for including me on a list with Evie and dorissima!

  5. Thank you for including me in this wondrous and talented group!

  6. This is amazing, I had no idea and am thrilled to be a part with these wonderful colleagues. Thanks Sam, very much!

  7. This is an honor Sam. Thank you. I love these writers and their work and it warms me so.

  8. Thanks, Sam! A wonderful list to be on, both because of who else is on it and because it’s your list.

  9. shucks!

  10. What an honor to be among such talented, admirable writers, Sam. The only thing missing is one of your pieces.

  11. Thanks, Sam! Super sweet to be included–plus, you’ve given me links to some new (to me) stories and poems to read.

  12. Sam, what a great list, and I am honored to be on it. Wow!

  13. Yay! I love this, Sam! Thanks!

  14. Thanks so much for including me in this list, Sam. I look forward to reading through these works.

  15. Oh Sam you are so kind. I feel honored this morning. 🙂 Thanks!

  16. Such an honor, Sam. Thank you. Fantastic list of stories and writers. Yes, very honored.

  17. Wow. I am flattered. Sam, thank you so much! xo

  18. […] I was shocked, and elated to see the same story appear at Sam Rasnake’s blog on his list 10,000′s favorite short fictions & verse: a would-be/should-be anthology « sam of the ten tho…. Wowsah, thanks, Sam, and what a great […]

  19. Damn! Thanks for the plug.

  20. thanks bro. great list.

  21. Thank you, Sam! Super flattered, and also super excited to read some of the works on here I’m unfamiliar with. (And re-read a few I’d forgotten about.)

  22. Just re-read the Joy Harjo poem which I’ve always loved, and which I taught from some years ago. Sam, glad it’s one that you love also and that I got to see it again.

  23. What a marvelous collection. An awesome list, one to savor. Many of these I’ll enjoy again, and some for the first time. Such a group of writers and people — I’m honored to be included among these folks in this would-be anthology!

  24. This reads like a “who’s who” in literature..

  25. honored and humbled, sam. thank you.

  26. […] Sam Rasnake has a list of incredible and memorable stories in his […]

  27. Hi Sam!

    Thank you so much for adding Sovetskoye Shampanskoye to your list!

    I am deeply honored to have a story on such a list of truly strong and memorable work.

    When I first saw your blog I read almost all the stories in the list and was impressed by all of them. Didn’t think my work would be added to it.

    Thank you very much!


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