have been writing more fiction these days…

A piece of flash fiction(non) – “Improbability as Main Course” – very tied to autobiography and to my bent for pieces that should be read in one breath … The printed page / online page … has no value for me if the work isn’t read aloud. Thanks to Barry Graham and the marvelous DOGZPLOT venue. Writing flash … fiction and non-fiction … has opened new ways of expression for me.

Flash – according to my own pen’s understanding – is connected to my approach to the line in poetry and to the breath in prose poems. All three forms work in concert… in my head. At least that’s what my journal tells me. In fact, I don’t think I can approach flash in any other way.

Also, I believe in a writer’s seizing the moment… If I weren’t a teacher, this piece, most likely, wouldn’t have been written. I assign the work, but complete the assignments as well.

~ by samofthetenthousandthings on April 18, 2011.

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