I can never be the ink…

The more I write – the more I find that I’m … whatever the identity of the self or selves may be … an enemy to my own progression in the process. I may bombard my pen with directive notions: write this way, write to this or that ear/eye … or, often, write against this or that ear/eye. I also need to note that I wrote “my pen” – which is, at best, pure myth – at worst, wishful thinking. It takes a great deal of soul-strength to let the writing be what it needs to be – and only that.

As a writer, I want to be more about discovery, less about agenda.

When I grow up, I do want to be the pen… and not the hand. That being said – I can never be the ink.


~ by samofthetenthousandthings on July 3, 2011.

3 Responses to “I can never be the ink…”

  1. This is why I sometimes envy dancers and actors.

  2. yes to this, sam. i so concur with your thoughts. being involved in an agenda-driven process right now, this may just be what i needed to read. thank you.

  3. Good point, Elizabeth. Same here.

    Sometimes, Marcus, the agenda-driven … and I’ve been there … is a black hole in space.

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