“Ode to Joy” by John Minichillo … at Nothing to Flawnt / inspiration, creativity, Jimmy Page & Joy Williams

Here’s a link to John Minichillo’s “Ode to Joy” at Nothing to Flawnt – a piece that explores inspiration and the creative process, using Jimmy Page and Joy Williams as source.

from “Ode to Joy”:

As writ­ers we often look to musi­cians or visual artists for inspi­ra­tion. We would prob­a­bly all like to be able to touch a reader in the same kind of direct soul­ful ele­men­tal way. And so what this reminded me of, as a writer, was the joy of read­ing a really good book. No book has come as close to giv­ing me that kind of plea­sure recently as Joy Williams’ The Quick and the Dead.

Minichillo’s new novel is The Snow Whale has just been pub­lished by Atti­cus Books.


The blog post at Nothing to Flawnt also features a podcast of Marcus Speh’s marvelous reading – an excerpt from Minichillo’s The Snow Whale.


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