From Atticus Books – The Blog … The Occupy Movement: Morality in the Arts

“The Occupy Movement: Morality in the Arts” by Lacey Dunham … Six writers discuss the responsibility artists have to social movements … Myfanwy Collins, Katrina Gray, Jamie Iredell, Djelloul Marbrook, and Marcus Speh, along with musician Bobby Strange … Click here for the full article.

from Marcus Speh:

When people say today “you have a choice,” I often don’t think they believe it. It’s become the mantra of a democracy that’s been gone for a few decades, with Bush throwing the last shovel of soil into an open grave. For one thing, to believe you have a true choice you must have thought deeply about both sides of that choice. The Occupy Wall Street movement signals a return of faith in the power of the people to make different choices.


from Katrina Gray

Artists shouldn’t really carry such a burden, but I imagine the word “critic” can incorporate subtle voices without overt agendas. When I’m at a national park and I have the urge to pick a flower, I think, “What if everyone who walked by picked a flower?” The place would be bare. I think of art in the same way: if everyone created serious, critical, loaded art, I think I’d be bored senseless, and be turned off to art as a whole.


~ by samofthetenthousandthings on November 15, 2011.

2 Responses to “From Atticus Books – The Blog … The Occupy Movement: Morality in the Arts”

  1. thank you, sam, for featuring and quoting. this has been an important and wonderful discussion with a lot of diversity of views: just like OCCUPY itself. and peaceful!

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