“Fugue State” – a poem of mine read by Marcus Speh … audio

Poetry was meant to be savored as an aural experience. The writing down came much later.

In terms of artistic satisfaction with my own work – which rarely happens – one of my favorite moments is most certainly Marcus Speh’s reading of “Fugue State,” a poem I wrote specifically for the Ulysses series – which has become, somehow, my life’s work.

Thanks to Marcus for his compelling and mysterious voice – supplied, no doubt, by the hauntings of Finnegan Flawnt.


Fugue State

In the back room someone plays a flute, missing notes

now and again, stumbling through measures of pain

into the head’s deepest well.

An old paper’s musk of news spreads open the unsexed bed.

By the window, a silk painting: small Chinese pagoda—empty—
on the wall of a mountain pass,
mist, one bird.

The maple trembles at the glass, shakes loose its leaves
while the moon’s dark side braces for a direct hit
from the broken planet.

Spiders nest in my hair, walk over my chest. Their bite is hushed,
unfelt. I move my toes for the last time.

And the dog’s barking grows fainter until I no longer recognize
urgency in his wet jaws.

          – originally published in Poems Niederngasse


~ by samofthetenthousandthings on December 19, 2011.

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