“Winter Poem for the Listener” at Necessary Fiction … poem & soundtrack

The final section from “Appalachian Silence among the Dark Selves,” published in Necessary Fiction – complete with a seven-part soundtrack. This section – and the entire poem really – is fueled by my love for the works of Wallace Stevens.

For the entire suite at NF, follow this link. Special thanks to Kathy Fish, Writer in Residence, for selecting the work. Fish is the author of, most recently, Wild Life, an amazing collection of flash fiction.

Winter Poem for the Listener

The wish for sprawls of field so deep,
so white the eyes must turn away,
a need for something more than sun

for shards of ice on creek rock,
for smoke rising, for thin chatters of birds

an aching for that silent moonless cold
of stars drifting their silent seas

for the cloud of words at my mouth
when I say what it is I must say

for the one tree, empty
limbs scratching skyward
as though this were the only way


Soundtrack: Gordon Lightfoot, “Song for a Winter’s Night”


~ by samofthetenthousandthings on December 25, 2011.

2 Responses to ““Winter Poem for the Listener” at Necessary Fiction … poem & soundtrack”

  1. The imagery is wonderful, and I love how the poem works the two line verses between the three liners.

    Works really well.

  2. Thrilled to include such beautiful work, Sam. The musical accompaniments are perfect. Thanks so much.

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