Frank Stanford … poem … “Cemetery Near the Sea” …

Frank_Stanford_(by_Fred_Kuhlman_Jr)On my bookshelf, I found a past issue of Oxford American (Winter 2006), and was reading through. Came across a wonderful, though brief, introduction, written by C. D. Wright, to a thin batch of poems … poems/translations … by Frank Stanford. The poems in the OA article are from the manuscript Automatic Co-Pilot.

“Cemetery Near the Sea”
(after René Daumal)

The word has no luck
And continues to wander

When it is almost morning
I drive a stake in the ground

The sea
Like a great tent of sad tigers

The grave like a rope ladder
Left by a thief

The tide sifts out of my eyes
Prison without hammers

Perhaps this is the root
Singing in time

And this is the crime
Living and dreaming


For me, there is no finer southern poet that Frank Stanford. He is to poetry what Flannery O’Connor is to short fiction & William Faulkner is to the novel.

(Photograph by Fred Kuhlman, Jr)


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