News from the Nonfiction front… my On Series

After six months of not writing, I began – in January 2013 – drafting the On series, a group of nonfiction pieces inspired by the writings of Michel de Montaigne.

I’ve completed 10 essays. I use the word “essays” though the pieces are far from traditional. Thanks to the Woodshed, a private writers’ group in Fictionaut, for comments and patience. Six of the pieces have been published or are forthcoming:

“On Voices,” published in Pithead Chapel

“On Literature,” published in Connotation Press

“On Silence,” published in Orion headless

“On Faces,” published in Red Fez

“On Wanting to Be a Writer,” forthcoming in Red Fez

“On the Dying,” forthcoming in Red Fez

~ by samofthetenthousandthings on June 10, 2013.

4 Responses to “News from the Nonfiction front… my On Series”

  1. This is cool Sam. Reflects my own interests as well. I’m looking forward to catching up on all of them.

  2. On Silence is stunning. I look forward to reading more of your essays.

  3. Thanks for reading On Silence, Andrea. A special piece for me. Glad you enjoyed the work.

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