Cinéma Vérité (A-Minor Press / Sept 9, 2013)… Notes from Kelly Cherry & Greg Rappleye

Thanks to Kelly Cherry and Greg Rappleye for their words on Cinéma Vérité:

I fell in love with this book on the first page. Sam Rasnake’s poems – often metrical, or visually arrayed like a piece of art – are beautifully crafted. In them, we relive great films we have seen, learn how to pitch to a producer, encounter a script in development, and are shown close-up portraits of the directors. Cinéma Vérité Front Cover 2Delightful, fresh, full of superbly smart, insightful observations about film’s ability to model the twinned Janus-faces of comedy and tragedy. Roger Ebert would give Cinéma Vérité four stars. So do I.

– Kelly Cherry, winner of the Hanes Poetry Prize, a Pushcart, and three PEN/Syndicated Fiction awards, and author of The Life and Death of Poetry: Poems

“Language,” the immortal Sergei Eisenstein wrote, “is much closer to film than painting is.” And while other poets have explored the entwined connections of film and poetry, no American poet is doing so more effectively today than Sam Rasnake. He writes: Like the puppeteer’s hands/ that refuse to hide or the stir/ of wings… something/ lets go its darker elegance. But the elusive other in these poems never goes away; not at all. What is seemingly lost to the speaker of this and so many other poems in this book appears luminously on every page, as if projected by the magic lanterns of old – framed, examined – with each image fully realized. There is not an outtake, not a single process-shot among the poems in Cinéma Vérité. This is the real stuff; the long-rumored master reel – language from the very heart of things.

– Greg Rappleye, author of A Path Between Houses, winner of the Brittingham Prize, and Figured Dark, winner of the University of Arkansas Press Poetry Series

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