An appeal to all humane regions of the world… 5 reasons I WILL NOT BE WATCHING the Sound of Music… Live:

An appeal to all humane regions of the world… 5 reasons I WILL NOT BE WATCHING the Sound of Music… Live:

1. The original Sound of Music was enough pain, grief, and sadness. I don’t think I could survive a second dose. The original gave me nightmares – for decades. For years I dreamed the same dream -: I’m on a stage singing terrible songs. Food is being served, and a plate is brought to me – steaming cabbage, potato salad, and sausage – but I can’t eat because I can’t stop singing. Then I wake up.

2. “The hills are alive” is surely one of the most frightening lines of horror that could possibly be written – reminding me of The Monolith Monsters, the 1957 sci-fi / horror “classic” – and I relive my fears over and over and over…

3. The line “Doe, a deer, a female deer” appears to be in the Samuel Beckett tradition of the absurd – Waiting for Godot – but this proves to be false. The line is more akin to the ridiculous – as in Moe poking, forever, at my eyes – and I’m Curly – or hitting me on the head with a large hammer. Just the thought of saying the line or singing it makes me feel as if brain cells are escaping my skull.

4. Simply put – the film makes me root for Nazis to stop the music “with extreme prejudice” in the tradition of Apocalypse Now – and that makes me feel so unsettled about myself.

5. Robert Wise directed the original SoM more than twenty years after he stole The Magnificent Ambersons from Orson Welles, adding here … taking away there… making me believe that SoM is some major plot to destroy civilization as we know it. [Note to reader: Number five is not a valid reason, but five is a much better number than saying … “Four reasons I’m not watching SoM”. I truly believe that my original 4 – selected from thousands of possibilities – are strong enough to prove my point.]

Scene form The Monolith Monsters. A close look at the photograph reveals the method acting by the rocks from outer space.a%20ultimate%20sci-fi%20collection%20CLASSIC_SCIFI_FRANCHISE-11

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