“Trauma 2” – a poem

Mother Outer Banks
The draft for this poem found me during a dark moment at the ER of Bristol Regional Medical Center, winter 2015. Thanks to Michelle Elvy’s close reading of the piece’s early versions.

“Trauma 2”

I’m a book with no pages for telling,
no threads of plot for acting, no
stanzas for music or form – There
are no characters searching the stage
for the way out, no lines, no voices.
I’m a book with no pages for reading.

A sea with no boat for sailing,
no wind for speaking, no kelp
for hiding – There are no more
unfolded maps to follow, no birds
for waves to ride, no coral for treasure.
I’m a sea with no island for living.

A forest with no path for walking,
no way of finding, no empty branch
for resting – There are no more
dreams for holding, no leaves for
falling to the cold ground, no roots.
I’m a forest with no sky for reaching.

I’m a monster with no cave for sleeping,
no village for plundering, no dim-lit
windows for watching – There are
no more nightmares, no wood floors
for creaking, no stoves for winter.
A monster with no mirrors for seeing.

    – published in MockingHeart Review, the inaugural issue


~ by samofthetenthousandthings on January 22, 2016.

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