Radio On: the Show Yourself recording sessions…


Latest recording project from Radio On:

“Ryan and I are beginning the final part of the Show Yourself sessions (2014-2016) – all original material. The sessions have been engineered, recorded, and mixed by Stephen Schoenecker at Heritage Music, Bristol, TN. The plan is to finish the principal recordings and have the project fully mixed, ready for mastering, by late Spring, 2016. CD to follow. The cover art will be by Cheryl Dodds. The music will be available in CD and digital format.” – Sam Rasnake

Radio On:

Ryan Rasnake:
     6/7/8-string electric guitars, acoustic guitars, drums, percussion,
           and vocals
Sam Rasnake:
     4/5-string and fretless basses, 6/7-string electric guitars, acoustic
           guitars, keyboards, and vocals

John, the Revelator – recorded April/May 2014 [traditional blues; the first track recorded during the Show Yourself sessions, but not included on the album]

The Green Song – recorded April/May 2014 [music by Ryan Rasnake, lyrics by Sam Rasnake; music, originally written for the Crystal Garden recording project]

Translation as Tone Poem – recorded July/August 2014 [instrumental by Sam Rasnake; the song surfaced after nonstop listening to Richard Wright’s “The Great Gig in the Sky”; guest musician: Seth Jones, fretless Bass]

Sinister – recorded September/October 2014 [instrumental by Ryan Rasnake; recording includes a tribute to Peter Cushing in Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed]

Motel Chronicles – recorded October/November 2014 [song by Sam Rasnake, adapted from “Lines Written under the Influence,” a poem included in Cinéma Vérité (published by A-Minor Press)]

This Motion – recorded November/December 2014 [song by Ryan Rasnake; a composition bent on finding the perfect crossing of rhythm and melody]

Something for the Writing – recorded June 2015 [song by Sam Rasnake, adapted from “Be Here to Love Me,” a poem focused on the life of Townes Van Zandt, published as a Broadside by MiPOesias]

Moon and Water – recorded June and August 2015 [instrumental by Sam Rasnake; guest narration: Nic Sebastian, reading the poem “Variations on a Theme by Pina Bausch”; the composition was inspired by the film Pina by Wim Wenders and the song “Lilies of the Valley” by Jun Miyake, used in Vollmond (Full Moon), a dance by Pina Bausch]

Aftermath – recorded July-October 2015 [instrumental by Ryan Rasnake, best described as epic-eclectic; soundscape collage introduction recorded and sequenced by Stephen Schoenecker; guest vocals: Doug Fletcher & Leona Drake of the band Downbleed, and Lindsey Rasnake]

Shadows – recorded August and November 2015 [song by Sam Rasnake, adapted from the poem “Masterplot,” included in Inside a Broken Clock (published by Finishing Line Press)]

Stay – recorded February 2016 [song written by Ryan Rasnake; best description I can give is Howlin’ Wolf meets Brain Setzer meets Dex Romweber Duo ]


Musical influences/inspiration for these recordings: Son House, Pink Floyd, Hammer Horror films, Pat Metheny, Jaco Pastorius, John McLaughlin, Townes Van Zandt, Wes Montgomery, Pina Bausch, Jun Miyake, Wim Wenders, Ry Cooder, Sam Shepard, Animals as Leaders, Steve Vai, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Alice in Chains, Howlin’ Wolf, Dex Romweber Duo


IMG_0844IMG_0861IMG_0524IMG_5109 (2)IMG_0662IMG_0522IMG_1462IMG_5088 
 Stephen Schoenecker
  at Heritage Music
IMG_5092 (3)


To be recorded:

Exit 18 [an experimental instrumental by Ryan Rasnake, with Jazz and Indian influences; guest musician: Alanah Peters]

Black Moon Country [song written by Ryan Rasnake & Sam Rasnake]


[This Motion, written by Ryan Rasnake; performed by Radio On; engineered, recorded, and mixed by Stephen Schoenecker at Heritage Music]


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