“Conversation with a Ladybug” by Doris Davenport

doris davenport (1)Doris Davenport

“Conversation with a Ladybug (Good luck if you see one, if one lights on you.)”

an orange-red tinyspot of comatosity,
on my airless desk in this
sunbaked, stale aired classsroom,
she seemed unconscious, dead

until I prodded her, politely, with a left index finger. then tiny black
feeler feet emerged, moved,
weakly she pulled herself up my finger

like it was a rubber raft lifesaver in a rough ocean
floating wood in the debris
of her own mini Titanic, like
my finger was a lost & feared

gone forever friend she’d waited so long for,
she clung tenaciously to my
finger, roamed slowly its
surface as i lifted her tenderly

outside to air but
she held tight had to
prise her off & onto the
shrub-tree deep orange autumn
leaf outside Holley Hall suddenly
she flew. away.

      – from Ascent, Davenport’s collection of poetry


~ by samofthetenthousandthings on April 14, 2016.

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