Blue and Red, from Four Colors

Krzysztof Kieślowski bw
I once wrote in a blog entry – commenting on films … “I was recently asked to name my three favorite directors, and without thinking said Kieslowski, Dreyer, and Kubrick. I name those three because I think they’re flawless.” I’ll stand by those words – although unprovable and impossible – and especially believe them in relation to Krzysztof Kieslowski.

Kieslowski’s so-called, yet non-existent tetralogy is… La double vie de Véronique and Trois couleurs: Bleu, Blanc, Rouge. Four magnificent films that, in their own way – or at least in my head – function as one story.


– from Four Colors, parts 2 and 4


The sugar cube is soaked
with coffee before it’s plopped.
You could use a long, steady cry,
but the mice in your rooms are too loud,
the voices along the stair, too intimate,
and those who love you – if
3 colors bluethat is even the word – too lost
in the refraction of miserable silences.

It’s the music that haunts,
the missing lines of ink on paper,
the flute with no streets to fill.
A stone wall on which the hand bleeds
beneath a numbed and empty heaven
with its long hollows of disconnection.



This is a poem about what is heard, not what is seen
A poem about pity, about an ache for such a loss
Lines for risk, for luck, for wager, for cherry cherry cherry
       for the one gift a coin should bring
       for random pages in a book
       the dusky strings of Van den Brudenmeyer
       a stumbled walk across an unlikely stage
       for unreal, pretend, ersatz
The reader must never forget: it’s a life made up of many lives
       a fraternal order of should have been
These lines are against indifference, are lines to make you commit
Lines to make you angry, to make you cry
If asked if you have loved, you will answer – no
If asked about grief – and say it with me : no
       an immaculate no
The connections are broken, the window, broken, the battery, dead
There’s no laughter here, but there will be smiles
can’t you feel it, even now, tugging at your mouthTrois_couleurs_rouge_01
A smirk perhaps
An epiphany to be sure
Or breath of life, or second chance
Someone should have told you

        – Blue and Red were originally published in Poets / Artists, and then were included in Cinéma Vérité (A-Minor Press)


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