Poetry into Song…

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During recording sessions for Radio On’s Show Yourself, I’ve been transforming several of my poems into songs – “Lines Written Under the Influence” and “A Scribbling on the Walls” from Cinéma Vérité (A-Minor Press) … “Masterplot” from Inside a Broken Clock (Finishing Line Press) … “Be Here to Love Me” (published as a broadside by MiPOesias) and “Variations on a Theme by Pina Bausch” (published in Iodine Poetry Journal). The songs are (respectively) “Motel Chronicles,” “Black Moon Country,” “Shadows,” “Something for the Writing,” and “Moon and Water”.
Nic Sebastian: vocal on “Moon and Water”
Cheryl Dodds: featured art on cd
Stephen Schoenecker: all sessions engineered, recorded, and mixed at Heritage Music, Bristol, TN.
[Photo, top center, by Cheryl Dodds. All other photos, in the studio.]
IMG_0522IMG_5927IMG_5092 (3)IMG_6266 (2)IMG_0662 (2)IMG_6240IMG_5928IMG_5973IMG_0646 (2)
Radio On:

Ryan Rasnake:
     6/7/8-string electric guitars, acoustic guitars, güiro, tabla,
           djembe, maracas, and vocals
Sam Rasnake:
     4/5-string and fretless basses, 6/7-string electric guitars, EBow,
           acoustic guitars, keyboards, and vocals

[The recordings will be available in cd and digital format.]


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  1. Very cool.

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