Links to audio files:

My own works read by…


from Cinéma Vérité (A-Minor Press) / video series:

Woman in Tableaux” (originally published in UCity Review)

Omen. Seduction. Reunion.” (originally published in Midwest Coast Review)

Disparate Analogues, Three Fables” (originally published in Deep River Apartments [The Private Press] and Poets / Artists)

Of Koyaanisqatsi

A Scribbling on the Walls” (originally published in The Smoking Poet)

The Dead” (originally published in from east to west)

At the Grave of Yasujiro Ozu

Poem to Read Aloud While Positioning a Framed Sketch of Frankenstein’s Monster on a Table” (originally published in fourpaperletters)

Which side are you on…” (originally published in FRiGG)

Michael Powell’s Women” (originally published in FRiGG)

Lost Elegy for Hank Quinlan” (originally published in FRiGG)

Chamber Music” (published in BOXCAR Poetry Review, Best of the Net 2009 [Dzanc Books], and Whale Sound)

Cinéma Vérité” (originally published in Ramshackle Review)

Beggars’ Banquet” (originally published in Wild Goose Poetry Review)

A Geometry of Extremes” (originally published in Ramshackle Review)

Little by Little, the Beautiful World” (originally published in fwriction : review)

Notes on the Cinematographer” (originally published in New World Writing (formerly New Mississippi Review)

Dinner with Wong Kar-Wai” (originally published in FRiGG)

The Wolf Who Cried Boy” (originally published in Emprise Review and featured on Flash Fiction Fridays)

Among the Wreckage” (one section originally published in 52/250)

After Kubrick” (originally published in Adirondack Review)

Lines Written Under the Influence” (originally published as a broadside by MiPOesias and later included in MiPOesias Companion 2012)

False Windows” (originally published in Corium Magazine)

An Exile among Butterflies” (originally published in MiPOesias)

A Day in the Life” (originally published in > kill author)

For Now” (originally published in > kill author)

Lines Written under the Influence” (originally published as a broadside by MiPOesias)


Chamber Music” read by Nic Sebastian, on Whale Road (originally published in BOXCAR Poetry Review and BEST OF THE WEB 2009, Dzanc Books)

Fugue State” read by Marcus Speh (originally published in Poems Niederngasse)

Michael Powell’s Women” read by Nic Sebastian, on Whale Road (originally published in FRiGG)

The Wolf Who Cried Boy” read by Robert Vaughan, on WUVM: Lake Effect / Flash Fiction Friday (originally published in Emprise Review)

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