recent works published



“Notes for a Life. In a Swing. No Wind to Speak of.” in FRiGG

“MacGuffin” in Thrush Poetry Journal

“Woman in Mask” in Poets / Artists

“Something to do with death” in A Baker’s Dozen and Tuesday Poem

“Some Last Things” in fwriction : review

“from, Subjunctives of a Disembodied Poetic” in The Drunken Boat

“Appalachian Silence among the Dark Selves” in Necessary Fiction

“Woman in Tableaux” in UCity Review

“Omen. Seduction. Reunion. – the Poet’s Commentary for Mizoguchi’s Ugetsu monogatari” in The Midwest Coast Review

“A Day in the Life” in > kill author with audio file

“Exile on Main St.” in BOXCAR Poetry Review

“A Fragment, with Mask and Horn” – a collaboration with Cheryl Dodds – in BluePrint Review

Short Fictions and Prose

“On a Line from Donald Barthelme or Moments That Would Seem So” in Eunoia Review

“On the Dying” in Red Fez

“On Voices” in Pithead Chapel

“Why I don’t write poetry anymore:” in A-Minor Magazine

“Notes for an Essay on Points of Crossing” in Santa Fe Literary Review

“Begin the Beguine” in Connotation Press

“The Sleep of Trees (Three Parables)” in Wigleaf

“The Wolf Who Cried Boy” in Emprise Review and featured on the Lake Effect – Flash Fiction Friday (public radio).

“Variation on a Variation of a Mode” in fwriction : review

“Improbability as Main Course” in Dogzplot

“Mothers of Invention” in Six Sentences

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  1. I Tweeted your “Why I Don’t Write Poetry Anymore”. I prefaced it by saying it is Glorious Genius. Which it is.
    My Twitter is:

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