Three poems in Poets / Artists, Summer 2011 issue …

Have three poems – “Enharmonics,” “Mixed Metaphors,” and “The Heron, Standing” – in the Summer issue of Poets / Artists. P/A is one of best venues available to writers and artists. Follow the link to Calaméo (the issue is online at several web-based publishing venues) and you will be able to open the issue and enlarge the print to read.


“Enharmonics,” a fairly long poem, focuses on Glenn Gould’s connection with Bach’s Goldberg Variations.
from the poem:

           The fragile thread of self
to other holds seam as long as it can –
and then the tearing free – so much
to mean beyond the words.

“Mixed Metaphors” grew from my lifelong obsession with impossibility.

“The Heron, Standing” is purely autobiographical, based on two distinct images of one bird.

~ by samofthetenthousandthings on July 18, 2011.

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