reviews & the like

my own…

Don’t Tease the Elephants by Jen Knox (Monkey Puzzle Press) – Goodreads

Tenderoni by Kathy Fish (Cow Heavy Books) – Used Furniture Review

After the Poison by Collin Kelley (Finishing Line Press) – Galatea Resurrects

Something Solid To Anchor To (Finishing Line Press) [An introduction to the collection] – A! Magazine for the Arts

of my work…

Michael Gillan Maxwell – Cinéma Vérité: poems/sketches/parables – a review in MadHat Drive-By Book Reviews

Michelle Elvy – [REVIEW] Cinéma Vérité – a review in PANK

Marcus Speh – Sam Rasnake digs up a grave – Comments (29 August 2011) in Nothing to Flawnt about a piece, “Dear Wigleaf,” appearing in Wigleaf

Ani Smith – Two voices: Megan Martin and Sam Rasnake. in We Who Are About To Die, 26 August 2011

Sean Ulman – On Meagan Martin and Sam Rasnake (> kill author, issue fourteen – August 2011) at the > kill author blog

An article in A! Magazine for the Arts, 20 October 2010

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